The Biden Administration recently signed an Executive Order to extend Open Enrollment on the Federal Health Insurance Exchanges for Americans to sign up for health insurance during the pandemic. Covered California has announced the Open Enrollment period will be from February 1 through May 15 of this year.

“The pandemic and recession continue to be a painful reality, and Covered California is doing whatever it can to make sure people have every opportunity to sign up for health care coverage,” said Peter V. Lee, executive director of Covered California. “There are millions of Californians out there without the peace of mind and protection of health care coverage, and now is not the time to be uninsured.”

California expanded its parameters last year to offer more residents subsidy assistant. A family of four earning a household income of up to $157, 200 could get help to lower their health insurance premium. An individual with earnings of up to $76,560 could also be eligible for financial assistance through the state health insurance marketplace.

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